How to Split Business Rules

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You can split an existing Business Rule. For example, you may want to implement the Rule in parts, or you realize that part of the Rule's Definition has a different Priority than some other part, or you plan to release a new application version that implements a Rule only in part.

To split a business rule:

1.From the menu bar, choose TeamWork, Definition, Business Rules and Processes, or double-click Business Rules in the catalog.
The Business Rules and Processes window appears.
2.Using search conditions, retrieve the rule you want to split.
3.Move to a blank line. Do this by pressing Arrow-Down or selecting Record, Next from the menu, or by pressing Arrow-Down and then selecting Record, New, as required.
4.Choose Record, Duplicate from the menu.
5.Overwrite the ID in the duplicate record with a new unique ID and commit.
You now have two rules with the same Description and also with the same grouping information, Repository Version and Priority.
6.Edit the Description of the duplicate record so that it only covers part of the original rule.
7.Edit the Description of the original rule in the record above so that it covers the remainder of the original rule.
8.Optionally, (re-)group or (re-)classify each rule as needed. For example, you may want to connect the new rule to the original rule by setting its Belongs To value to the ID of the original rule.