Object Shopping

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Object Shopping allows you to transfer objects, such as Business Rules or Constraints, from one repository to another. First you export the objects to an export file. Then you import that file into the other repository.

Object Shopping is transparent across RDBMSs. For example, you can shop objects from Oracle into SQL Server.

Object Shopping is used in two ways:

To transfer individual objects or small sets of individual objects between repositories. For example, a set of Constraints or Decisions, or a new Table and its Columns.

To transfer a set of objects that form a functional whole. For example, all the objects of a Business Area.

During import, the objects in the file are merged with objects that already exist in the target repository (if any).

Certain objects can be shopped directly via the clipboard using Copy-Paste, as opposed to being transferred to an export file first.

Shopping GUI objects

Object Shopping is limited to non-GUI objects, but:

In USoft Windows Designer, you can export a Business Object encompassing its structure, rule AND interface definitions. You can then import the result in another repository. Please go to the Windows Designer Guide for more information.

In USoft Web Designer, you can export and import Classes listed in the Page Class and Control Class tree hierarchies. You can then import the result in another repository, provided that all the objects that the transferred object refers to (inherits from) exist in the target repository. Please go to the Web Designer Guide for more information.

Objects excluded from Object Shopping

The following objects are excluded from the Object Shopping mechanism. They are never automatically included in any other object:

Business rule history entries.

Current version.

Data types.

Design documents.

GUI applications.

Joined columns (as opposed to Database columns).

Menu Pages. Pages (create in Web Designer).

Page Sets.Test needs.

Web Service Providers.

Window classes.


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