Off the Shelf Components

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Off the Shelf components are a set of ready-made components that are supplied as part of the USoft product set. All you need to do to use them is to import their RDMI definitions into USoft's repository. You do not need a deep knowledge of Java or RDMI; you only need to know that the component exists, and how to use it.

This section explains how so-called "Off the Shelf" components can be used. It includes descriptions of the various J2EE components included with the product set and describes how to import them into USoft applications.


The Off the Shelf components are delivered on an "as is" basis: the impact of their use in applications, e.g. the need for managing versions and making patches, is not part of standard maintenance agreements.

The Java source code for the Off the Shelf components is available on request. Contact your USoft account manager for details.

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