Properties by name

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This section is an alphabetical list of all the properties that you can set in USoft Windows Designer.


Action property

Actions At Startup property

Adjust Change property

After SetUser property

After Usergroup Changed property

Alignment property

Allow Neighbor property

Allow Open Query property

Alternative Input Format property

Auto-commit property

Auto Expand property

Automatic Synchronization property

Auto-Tab property

Auto-resize property

Background Color property

Background Fetch property

Border Color property

Border Type property

Border Width property

Buffer Height property

Button Type property

Caption property

Catalog property

Chart Size (% Of Field) property

Check Count Query property

Check List property

Child Nodes property

Client property

Client Edge property

Column Alignment property

Column Headings property

Column Insertable property

Column Manager Class property

Column Widths property

Context Help property

Create on Demand property

Current Line Color property

Cursor Positioning property

Data Alignment property

Data Length property

Default Bind property

Default Value property

Deletable property

Detail Joined Columns property

Dialog Startup Actions property

Display All Subtype Indicators property

Display Class property

Display Foreign Key property

Display Length property

Display Text property

Display Type property

Displayed property

Double-click Action property

Early Save-local property

Echo property

Edit Method property

Edit Mode property

Expand Tree property

Expansion Level property

Extra Width For Label property

Fast Open property

Fast-Open Priority property

First Field on Create Record property

First Field on Data Manipulation property

First Field on Query property

Fix Column on Display property

Fixed Length property

Floor On Minimum property

Foreground Bitmap property

Foreign Key Color property

Generate List property

Group property

Group Border Title property

Group Border Title Justify property

Height property

Height of Internal Buffer property

Help File property

Help Popup property

Help Topic ID property

Highlight Current Field property

Highlight Current Record property

Highlight Thickness property

Horizontal Cell Margin property

Horizontal Distance property

Horizontal Scrollbar property

Horizontal Spacing property

Iconic property

Idle Time-out Actions

Idle Time-out On Messages

Idle Time-out Time

Image property

Implement Scrollbar property

Include Subtype Presentations property

Initial Value property

Input Allowed property

Insertable property

Internal Height property

Internal Width property

IO Format property

Joined Columns property

Label property

Label Position property

Label Rotation property

Label Type property

Line Color property

Line Style property

Lock Parent On Sequence property

Lookup Method property

Mandatory property

Max Character Width property

Max Height property

Max No of Records Per Fetch property

Max Width property

Maximize Button property

Maximized property

Maximum No of Resident Windows property

MDI Child property

Menu Page property

Minimize Button property

Minimized property

Minimum Height property

Minimum Width property

Mnemonic property

Modal property

Mouse Pointer Shape property

Name property

No Action property

No of Decimals property

No Of Records Displayed property

No Of Records Displayed property (secondary info boxes)

Node-specific Menus property

Number Of Columns In Updates Property

Object Name property

On Change property

On Database Error property

On Empty Window property

Open Only Once property

Optimize Joined Column Fetch property

Oracle ROWID property

Order By property

Orientation property

Overlay Condition property

Overlay Image property

Page Title property

Pattern property

Popup Menu Page property

Position property

Post-change property (columns)

Post-change property (info boxes)

Post-close property

Post-create property

Post-delete property

Post-edit property

Post-fetch property

Post-insert property

Post-leave property

Post-open property

Post-rollback property

Post-update property

Pre-close property

Pre-commit property

Pre-delete property

Pre-exit Validation property

Pre-field-entry property

Pre-insert Validation property

Pre-record-entry property

Pre-update Validation property

Primary Key Color property

Primary Key Font property

Prompt property

Prompt For Edit property

Prompt For Fixed property

Prompt For Lookup property

Query Allowed property

Query Mandatory property

Query Some Mandatory property

Range Maximum property

Range Minimum property

Reflect Updates property

Refresh Changed Records property

Related Column property

Related Windows For Menu property

Relationships property

Resize Child property

Root Nodes property

Round Off Monetary Values property

Show Icons property

Show Message Numbers property

Show Root Lines property

Single Selection property

Sizable property

Sort Alphabetically property

SQL Query property

SQL Statement property

Startup Actions property

Static Edge property

Subtype Method property

Subtype Presentations property

Synchronize Lookup property

System Menu property

Tab Order property

Text Color property

Text Font property

Tick Mark Frequency property

Tick Mark Position property

Title property

Tool Window property

Topmost property

Transaction Mode property

Underlying Query property

Uniform Cell Width property

Unit Lines Primary Axis property

Unit Lines Secondary Axis property

Updatable property

Updatable Only if Null property

Uppercase property

Use Static Tables property

Value List property

Value List Prompts property

Values to Query property

Vertical Cell Margin property

Vertical Distance property

Vertical Scrollbar property

Vertical Spacing property

View property

Virtual Color property

WHERE clause property

Width property

Window Edge property

X Position property

Y Position property

Yes Action property