Related Windows

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When in a form interface for a parent table, the user can open Related Windows to query and manipulate related d ata from child tables.

To open a Related Window:

1. Make sure the cursor is positioned in an Info Box for the parent table.
2. Press the Related List MR_bmp0025 icon on the toolbar, or chooses Box, Related from the menu, or presses F9. A Related Windows List dialog appears.
3. Select an option from the Related Windows List dialog.
4. Press OK.

NOTE 1: In the Related Windows List, the user may also double-click on an option. Double-clicking or pressing the Open button will cause the Related Windows List to remain on the screen until the user closes it. Pressing OK (as in Step 4 above) will cause the Related Windows List to close.

NOTE 2: If there are more options than will fit in the default size of the Related Windows List, a More option is added. Clicking this option will display the entire Related Windows List.