Subtype Windows

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When in a form interface for a supertype table, the user can open Subtype Windows to query and manipulate data stored in subtype columns.

To open a Subtype Window:

1. Make sure the cursor is positioned in an Info Box for the parent table.
2. Choose Box, Subtypes from the menu bar.
The Subtype Windows List dialog appears.
3. Double-click on the appropriate item in this dialog, or select it and press OK.

NOTE: It is often desirable to have supertype and subtype columns in the same Info Box or Info Window. For this reason, designers are not likely to rely on the navigation method explained here to let users access subtype data. They are more likely to use the standard Info Window provided for the subtype type, which includes all the supertype columns by default. Also, using the Windows Designer, they may decide to insert subtype Info Boxes in Info Windows for supertype tables.