Step 8: Exploring the Generated HTML

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In this step, you will explore and manipulate the HTML code of the file generated in step 7. The file contains the data exported by the batch job and the generated HTML statements.

To explore some HTML code:

1.Open the ScheduledTourStep6.htm file in your favorite editor.
2.Pay special attention to the <TR></TR>, <TD></TD>, and </TABLE> tags. The TABLE tag indicates an HTML table, rows are marked by <TR></TR> tag pairs, exported data values are marked by <TD></TD> tags pairs formatting data in cell layout.

To change the HTML code of the first table and change color settings:

1.Change the table border of the first table from 3 to 6.
2.Change the body background color (BGCOLOR) to "#ff0080" (pink).

Note that you will only get a glimpse of this color because the image (fog.jpg) will be displayed on top of it.

3.Save the changes, then reload the file by clicking the Reload button on the ribbon bar.

In step 13 you will learn enough about HTML to create customized HTML template files.

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