Configuration by XSL transformation

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USoft Delivery Manager facilitates the configuration of XML deliverables through the use of XSLT 1.0 transformations.

This requires command of the XSLT 1.0 language. It allows you greater freedom in exactly how you want to configure your deliverables than is possible with variable substitution. You can include additions and deletions, and you can change the structure of the information in your deliverables. However, this strategy is limited to XML-based deliverables.

Delivery Manager favours XSLT 1.0 as a vehicle for achieving the transformation of XML data sets and XML application deliverables. Using XSLT, you can mix and combine various features from the Delivery Manager toolkit:

Delivery Manager XSLT feature


Added XSL

Ability to transform a deliverable just before it is written to the release folder

Custom XSL, Apply custom XSL action

Ability to transform a deliverable just after it has been released, at any point in a task (ie., as a separate task step)

Deploy scripts merging delivered data with registry data

("merge scripts")

Ability for deployers to run a delivered deploy script that will merge:


source-side information in a deliverable and

target-side information in a registry


prior to actual deployment.


For more information about the technique of "adding XSL", go to the "Added XSL" help topic.

For more information about the technique of applying custom XSL to released deliverables, go to the help topic describing the "Apply custom XSL" action.

To create deploy scripts merging delivered data with registry data, follow the general steps in the sections below.

Configure example 3 is an example of configuration by XML transformation.



collapseMerge scripts Step 1: Prepare deliverables = source-side information
collapseMerge scripts Step 2: Prepare registry = target-side information
collapseMerge scripts Step 3: Prepare XSLT transformation
collapseMerge scripts Step 4: Apply XSLT transformation at pre-deploy time


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