Application Timer Properties

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USoft Production has an application timer that allows scheduled constraint execution. The timer consists of an application table T_APP_TIME, and an executable USCLOCK.EXE that updates T_APP_TIME with the current database time at regular intervals.

The application timer (USCLOCK.EXE) can be run continuously against the USoft Developer-built application. The timer keeps the T_APP_TIME table synchronized with the database time by incrementing it at fixed intervals. After each increment and the execution of the constraints that are fired by the increment, the application timer commits the transaction. The application timer rolls back the transaction and stops if it encounters a violation as a result of an increment.

An Application Timer item in USoft Binder has the following properties:


This is the name of the Application Time item as it will be displayed in the main window of the USoft Binder file. You can use binder variables in this name.


This property must be set to either Repository or Flat Files. If From = Repository, the Application Timer is run directly from the repository tables that you are manipulating in USoft Definer. If From = Flat Files, the Application Timer is run from flat files created in USoft Definer.

App Name

This is where you specify the name of the USoft application that you want the Application Timer to run for.


Clear this box to disable start-up messages and the continuous display of current time.


This is where you can list any additional startup options you wish to be associated with the USoft Developer (USD.EXE) executable for this item.


This is where you can specify the time between successive increments of the application time by the application timer. The default value is one minute.

Max time since last update

This is where you can specify the maximum time difference between the database clock and the application clock that the application timer will allow when it is started. If the application time is further behind the database time than this value, the application timer stops and displays an error message. The default value is 24 hours.