Using the project catalog

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When you first start the Definer, the Definer window is displayed, with the Project Catalog on the left, and workspace on the right.

Instead of using menus, you can use the Project Catalog to open windows for object classes. Do this by drag-and-drop from the Project Catalog onto the workspace on the right, or double-clicking on an item in the Project Catalog, or right-mouse-clicking on an item of the Project Catalog.

The Project Catalog has three tab pages: TeamWork, Model And Rules, and Batch:



You can show and hide the Project Catalog. To show the Catalog, choose Catalog from the View menu. To hide the Catalog, click the Close button in the top-right corner of the catalog pane, or choose Hide Catalog from the context menu of most catalog tree nodes.

Changes in the object model are not immediately reflected in the Project Catalog. Choose View, Refresh Catalog (Cntr + F5) to have the Project Catalog display the latest situation.


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