Windows Designer Properties

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A Windows Designer item given you access to USoft Windows Designer.

USoft Windows Designer is an object-oriented tool that makes it easy to design ("paint") windows and dialogs to any special layout required.

A Windows Designer item has the following properties:


This is the name of the Windows Designer item as it will be displayed in the main window of the USoft Binder file. You can use binder variables in this name.

App Name

This is where you specify the name of the USoft application that you want to design windows or dialogs for. The user who is accessing the Windows Designer from this item must have been granted proper access rights to this application in USoft Authorizer.

In many cases, the application name is the same for all the resources developed in the database account, but it is possible to distinguish different applications associated with different GUI look-and-feel or with different authorization rules (or both).

To access the result of work done in the Windows Designer from this access point, create a User Application item and make sure that its Application property is set to the same application name.

Show Logo

Check this box if you wish to have the USoft (or your own) logo displayed when the item is started.


This is where you can list any additional startup options you wish to be associated with the USoft Developer (USD.EXE) executable for this item.