Defining translations

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There are 2 translation (localisation) mechanisms in USoft. One is for system messages and the other is for application strings:

System messages are information, warning and error messages raised server-side by a Rules Service or (in the case of C/S interfaces) by a Rules Engine.

Application strings are all the other text materials. This includes messages texts presented in a message box but raised client-side by a web GUI, i.e., defined in USoft Web Designer.

Constraint messages (for constraints in the application that you are developing) are in the category of application strings.

System messages

collapseDefining translations for USoft-shipped system messages
collapseDefining translations for user-defined system messages

Application strings

collapseDefining translations for USoft-shipped application strings
collapseDefining translations for constraint messages
collapseDefining translations and Origin for other user-defined application strings



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