Host variables in SQL

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In USoft SQL, you can refer to substitution variables referred to as host variables that have previously been set using the USoft action language. USoft treats host variables in the same way that it treats resource settings read from the "usdi" and "usdiw" resource files in the \APP subdirectory of the USoft installation directory.

Functionally, the value of a host variable has global scope and remains referenceable from the time when it is set until the time when the same variable is set to a different value, or when the USoft session ends.

This help topic only shows how you set and get values of host variables generally, for example, in SQL Command. In the USoft toolset, there are multiple other, tool-specific contexts where you can set and get host variables, for example, Web Designer's $.udb.executeSQLStatement( ) call. Consult the Web Designer Guide, Windows Designer Gudie and Service Definer Guide for details.

You can pass input values as decision variables to decisions, and then refer to them by position using :1, :2 ... For details, go to " Decision variables and placeholders ".


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