SQL and the Rules Engine

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An important part of your USoft Rules Engine will be written in SQL.

In USoft, key objects such as Constraints, Logical Views and Batch SQL Tasks are all expressed in SQL.

The strength of the USoft concept is that you can achieve maximum expressivity and functionality without using complex SQL syntax. All you need is a good command of the standard ANSI-92 SQL grammar.

The dialect of core SQL constructs supported by USoft is the subset of ANSI SQL listed in this topic.

You can use this SQL dialect in all SQL contexts offered by USoft tools, such as SQL Command, Authorizer Conditions, BenchMark, and SQL statements in GUI tools, except if limitations are stated.

This help topic provides only a brief overview of the main constructs.

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collapseINSERT statements
collapseUPDATE statements
collapseDELETE statements
collapseSet operations
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