Adding data with USoft Table Resource

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To be able to add data through a REST service based on "USoft Table Resource" functionality, you first need to:

Define a predefined USoft REST service based on "USoft Table Resource",

Associate it with a server and a connection,

Publish it, and

Set up a test environment.

These tasks are explained in help topic " Using Predefined REST services ".

You can add data without committing.

To add a record to a table:

1.Compose a URL that identifies the table:        



For example:



2.Select the HTTP verb POST.
3.Specify a Header with name Content-Type and value text/xml. In POSTMAN, to add a header, you can press the Headers button.
4.To add a record with Value_A in Column_A and Value_B in Column_B, specify the following XML fragment. In POSTMAN, press the "raw" button to get a text editor field where you can paste this XML:

<table-name Column_A="Value_A" Column_B="Value_B"/>


For example:



5.Send the request. In POSTMAN, press the Send button.


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