Importing Off the Shelf Components and Models

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Off-the-shelf components and models are a set of ready-made components and models which can be used and changed at will. They provide useful components to perform various tasks, demos to show and explain functionality and small models which can be used as starting point or can be added to an existing repository.
All you need to do to use them is to import their definitions into USoft's repository.


All off-the-shelf components and models are located in a publicly available GITHUB with location:
In order to connect to GITHUB from the definer, GIT for windows needs to be installed. GIT for windows can be dowloaded from:

More detailed information about the GITHUB can be found on the Wiki-Pages of the GITHUB: The Wiki-pages also describe how you can contribute yourself and add your own components and/or models to the GITHUB.



The off-the-shelf components and models are delivered on an "as is" basis: the impact of their use in applications, e.g. the need for managing versions and making patches, is not part of standard maintenance agreements.