Importing from USoft Studio

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You can copy formulations from a USoft Studio project to the Business Rules section in USoft Teamwork (part of USoft Definer).

WARNING: This utility will automatically overwrite data in the Business Rules table. If you use it, you must no longer edit this table manually. Using Definer User Groups, you can prevent yourself and your team members from editing this table. See Authorizer Help for details.

Advanced users can write a custom XSLT transformation to determine exactly how USoft Studio translates into USoft Teamwork Business Rules and other objects. For more information, go to the last section of this help topic.



collapseHow do I get data from USoft Studio into USoft Teamwork ?
collapseWhat is transferred ?
collapseWhat is the result in the Business Rules table?
collapseIntended use and limitations
collapseCustom XSLT transformation


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