Object shopping via the clipboard (copy-paste)

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As an alternative to shopping via an export file, you can also copy-paste the following types of implementation from one repository to another.

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collapseStep 2: Paste
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expandMulti copy-paste

It is also possible to copy multiple objects via the clipboard in one go:

1.In the source repository, copy the first object as described in "Step 1"

2.Press and hold down the 'Ctrl' key.

3.Whilst keeping the 'Ctrl' key pressed, copy the second object in the same way as the first object. The second object does not have to be of the same type.

4.Continue to copy objects until all objects to be copied have been added.

5.Go to the destination repository, and Paste as described in "Step 2". Since the copy now contains multiple (different kind of) objects, the paste can be done in any folder in the catalog where copy-paste functionality is available.

NOTE: the Conflict Resolution as described in the section above does not apply to multi-copy paste actions: when an object (or objects) already exists in the target repository, it will be overwritten.


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