Jobs and Tasks

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A USoft Batch job consists of a series of activities that are performed when the job is executed. These activities are called tasks. A job executes one or more tasks that you must have defined in advance. If the job uses variables, you must also have defined a parameter set.

The number of situations in which and the purposes for which you can use USoft Batch are unlimited. Below is a short list of possibilities just to give you an indication. These possibilities have been grouped by task type. Note, however, that you can combine different types of tasks in one job. In fact, most of your jobs will consist of several tasks, which can be re-used in different combinations.

Once you have defined a job, you may have it validated. USoft Batch will then parse all your SQL statements and check if they are syntactically correct.

All tasks that involve the manipulation of data are checked against the database and business rules (constraints) defined in the USoft repository. This guarantees the integrity of all data in the database. Moreover, it saves you from having to (re)program these checks in your database loader, or in data manipulation programs.


Tasks that involve the manipulation of data are SQL tasks and import tasks, and job tasks that contain such tasks.

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