Supertype and Subtype Window Layout

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By default, USoft Developer creates separate windows for a supertype and its subtypes.

Supertype window

The default window generated for a supertype contains those fields that have been defined at the supertype level. In addition, there are checkboxes listing the possible subtypes, together with subtype buttons for each one. For a particular record, if a person (for example) is a guide, then this checkbox will be checked. You can change the manner in which these boxes are grouped, the order in which they are displayed, and the label (prompt) used, by creating Subtype Presentations.

Subtype window

The default window generated for a subtype contains all the fields of ALL of its supertypes, checkboxes and subtype buttons for each of the other subtypes, followed by the fields that belong to the current subtype. For example, the Guides window shows the fields of the Person window, then the checkboxes and subtype buttons for the other subtypes, and then the fields for the Guide subtype table.

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