Actions Example 10: Catalog Node Leading to Data Query

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This example shows how a user can select data in a catalog tree or other tree view, and then double-click to open a window and retrieve corresponding data from the database.

Leaf nodes in the catalog tree represent scheduled tours in a travel agency. If the user double-clicks on one of these leaf nodes, a Reservations window opens in which the reservations for the corresponding scheduled tour are retrieved.

For help on how to build this catalog, go to Example: Creating a Project Catalog. The catalog passes the Scheduled Tour primary key value of the selected node to the opening window:

· The window has a user-defined property to receive the primary key value as a string.


· The catalog refers to the user-defined property to pass the primary key value as a string.


The reason why you can use simple string values here is that each double-click action leads to a new info window. The info windows need not refer back to the catalog once they are created. This contrasts with examples 11 and 12, where object-like (as opposed to string-like) properties are required.

Continue with ReservationsFromCatalog Window.

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