Catalog Double-Click Action

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This scenario is part of Actions Example 10: Catalog Node Leading to Data Query.

To force the catalog to pass a Scheduled Tour ID to the ReservationsFromCatalog window on double-click, take these steps:

1. In the Property Inspector for the catalog, navigate to Tree View Node 3 and select the Double-click Action property on the Behavior tab page.
2. Open the Object Activator for this property by clicking the Edit/Compose button.
3. From the Windows Designer catalog, drag the ReservationsFromCatalog info box class into the Script box. This results in the following method call being created:

ReservationsFromCatalog( ... ).Window.Create()

4. In the Script box, select the parameter subnode of this call.
5. In the Object Browser pane, select the following node:


6. In the Methods list, select the GetValueFromCurrentItem method, and click the Set button. This results in:

Tab_1.Page_1.Tree_View_1.GetValueFromCurrentItem( ... )

7. In the Script box, select the empty parameter subnode of this GetValueFromCurrentItem method call.
8. Click the Edit button, and type: schedtour_id.
9. Click OK to close the Object Activator, and save your work. This results in:

ReservationsFromCatalog( Tab_1.Page_1.Tree_View_1.GetValueFromCurrentItem( schedtour_id ) ).Window.Create()

This method call creates an instance of the ReservationsFromCatalog class with the schedtour_id value for the current tree view node as a parameter. This parameter is collected in the mySchedtourID user-defined property of the ReservationsFromCatalog info window that will be opened.