ReservationsFromCatalog Window

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This scenario is part of Actions Example 10: Catalog Node Leading to Data Query.

To create a Reservation window with a user-defined property for receiving a value from a catalog, these steps were taken.

1. Create a new ReservationsFromCatalog subclass of the Reservations info window.
2. Open the ReservationsFromCatalog class, open the Property Inspector, select the Post-Open behavior property and open the Object Activator by clicking the Edit button.
3. Write this method call script, for which you define the mySchedtourID property.


query.schedtour_id(mySchedtourID() )


Here are the steps for writing this script:

1. In the Methods pane, on the Methods tab page, select the QueryDefine() method and click Add.
2. In the Object Browser pane, select query.schedtour_id() and click Add.
3. In the Script box, select the empty parameter node for query.schedtour_id().
4. Make sure the ReservationsFromCatalog info window is selected in the Object Browser tree view (top-left).
5. In the Methods pane, on the Properties tab page, click New.
6. Define a new mySchedtourID property, accept the String default for Type, and set Argument Position to 1.

The mySchedtourID property can now be referred to by other objects as the first parameter of the ReservationsFromCatalog info box class.

7. Click OK to return to the Object Activator, and then click Set to paste the reference to the new property into your script.
8. In the Methods pane, on the Methods tab page, select the QueryExecute() method and click Add.

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