ODBC Driver Requirements

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A USoft for ODBC application requires an ODBC driver and a DBMS to access data. There are many ODBC drivers available on the market. Not all ODBC drivers can be used with USoft. Refer to your USoft DefinerHelp or USoft Definer Guide for full details of the minimum ODBC driver functionality required by a USoft ODBC application. A brief description of the ODBC conformance requirements is given below.

A USoft ODBC application does not check that all requirements are satisfied at start-up. Instead, it just activates the ODBC functions and sends SQL-statements to the driver at run-time. If the connected ODBC driver is not capable of executing the request it will return an error. USoft will retrieve the error message, show it to the user and cancel the requested action. This way it is possible to use an USoft ODBC application in combination with an ODBC driver that does not support the complete SQL syntax and all SQL data types and scalar functions.

As a work around you might need to change the application by changing or removing the error producing SQL or data type definitions. Whenever possible use an ODBC driver, which does support at least all the requirements. A list of DBMSs and ODBC drivers tested for use with USoft for ODBC will be provided with future releases.

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