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A web menu is a menu that accompanies a web application. Web menus offer many possibilities. With web menus, you can:


· Let end users access a generated web page.


· Display menu options as images.


· Show an image as page title.


· Execute a JavaScript function.


· Include non-clickable web menu items.


· Define one generic menu for all web pages, or define specific menus for specific web pages.


· Define different web menus for different user groups.


· Choose where to display the web menu on the page.It gives users access options to various parts (pages) of the application.


Web menus are created in two steps and authorization can be specified in an optional third step:


1. Defining the menu structure using the Web Designer catalog.


2. Displaying the menu structure using the web menu control.


3. It is also possible to specify Authorization for menus. Specific user groups can be linked to specific menu structures. These optional authorization tasks are performed using the USoft Authorizer.

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