Model-Driven Development (MDD)

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USoft Developer is designed to capture business processes in a functional model that consists of business objects and rules. This is a model of business conduct and business data, NOT a technical model (however high-level) of a system.

Every business process is reflected in the information it is using. This information is mapped to a model of persistent data that underlies the business objects. The business process is subject to business rules that define how each process is to be performed. These rules are captured in the model. They define a comparatively high level of data quality. At the same time, USoft also uses the model to deliver a set of standard windows, tabs or web pages that allow users to perform all the data transactions needed when the business process is executed.

The concept of creating immediately usable solutions to business problems is model-based. The individual objects of the business are specified in the model and stored in a central repository of meta-data. All specifications feature an exceptionally high level of single-point-of-definition (SPOD), allowing easy change. The resulting system is essentially operated by manipulating business data. Data manipulation is governed by a runtime Rules Engine component specially designed by USoft to be active in each USoft application.

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