USoft Approach

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USoft Approach is USoft's original vision on how to build complex data-intensive business systems quickly. It has been the basis of the USoft IDE (= Integrated Development Environment), USoft Teamwork and URequire Studio. USoft Approach ensures that USoft tool design is motivated by structured ideas about development methods. The principal ideas of USoft Approach are that:

Tools that generate code can make software development quicker, easier and more fun.

Working with such agile tools can only be successful if development constructs are stored in a repository that is controlled by a rules engine, has a high level of data integrity, and excellent traceability.

The USoft Approach was originally inspired by Interative Rapid Application Development (IRAD) and the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM).

More recently, it has proven an excellent match for other agile methodologies, in particular, Scrum.

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