URequire Studio

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URequire Studio is a specification environment for storing, analysing and modelling business specifications based on OMG's Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR). It serves the same purpose as USoft Teamwork but offers much more advanced features, in particular:

Ability to combine your specifications with a structured business vocabulary of terms and definitions.

Automatic colour-coding and cross-referencing of terms, definitions, business rules and requirements.

Diagramming capability for combining text-based specifications with BPMN, DEMO, and E/R diagrams.

The capability to cross-reference specification elements with document-oriented resources.

URequire Studio has a different delivery mode than the remaining components of the USoft offering and therefore is not a component of USoft 9. It is completely browser-based and, while it is available as an application installed on-premise, is usually delivered as a SaaS solution: a website that you hire.

The data structure of URequire Studio is based on that of USoft Teamwork. It is possible to connect the two by performing XML data export and import routines manually, using formats that USoft will support with backward compatibility on either side.

It is part of the USoft roadmap to offer a smoother transition between the two tools in the future.

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