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Events in the runtime application can be:

· Interface events.


· Data events.

Interface events are essentially to do with user navigation. Examples are clicking a button, leaving a field or closing a window.

Data events are user actions that are more directly related to data manipulation. Examples are creating, inserting or deleting a record, or committing or rolling back a transaction.

Events are important because USoft Developer features behavior properties that can fire actions when the events occur. Examples of such actions are WindowClose() and SendMail().

As a user moves between fields and records performing various forms of data manipulation, many behavior properties can come into play. The order in which events occur and actions are fired is then of special concern.

Events are closely related with validation routines. For instance, leaving a field is an event that causes the field to be validated if the user has entered or changed the field value. In turn, validation brings domain and table constraints into play.


In previous versions of USoft Developer, behavior properties that relate actions to events were referred to as callbacks.

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