How to Set Properties with the Property Inspector

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Once you have opened a class from the Windows Designer catalog, you use the Property Inspector to set or change the properties of the objects from which that class is built.

To change the properties of an object:

1. In the design view, select the desired object.
2. Open the Property Inspector from the View menu or the right-mouse context menu.
3. Click the General, Behavior, Layout or Visual tab page depending upon the type of property you want to set.
4. Click the property you want to set.
5. Depending upon the type of setting:
· Choose a value from the dropdown list (e.g. Yes or No for Allow Neighbor).


· Type a value (e.g. 1 for Position).


· Click the dotted button on the Property Inspector, and then choose a value from the dialog that appears (e.g. for Background Color), or use the Object Activator to compose a script.

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