Define Phase

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In the USoft Approach, the objective of the DEFINE phase is actually to develop the new or changed system component in an iterative manner. The feature under construction is shown to managers and users. Their feedback is discussed, and incorporated into the system. By iterating this process, the system is brought to full functionality within the cycle or in subsequent cycles. The main activities in the Define phase are:

Structure definition which, in USoft, is effectively data structure definition

Business Rule definition

Interface definition


Key deliverables of the Define phase are:

Default system based on the data model

Core system with defined, validated and implemented business rules (in USoft, effectively, constraints on data)

Functional system with interface implementations (screens for human interaction, APIs for system interaction)

In the Define phase, the principal working environments for making default and core systems are USoft Model and Rules and USoft Batch, both of which are modules of the USoft Definer application. For detailed information about these tools, please refer to the USoft Model and Rules Guide and the USoft Batch Guide. USoft Definer is also for making Web Service and Open Rules Service APIs to USoft rules and data structures.

The principal working environment for making interfaces of functional systems is USoft Web Designer (if you are using web pages for human interaction) and USoft Windows Designer (if you are using Client/Server screens for human interaction).

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