Implement Phase

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In the USoft Approach, the objective of the implement phase is to deliver the integrated sub-projects as part of a controlled release schedule. Release preparation covers, completion of final testing of integrated systems, including formal user acceptance, the creation of documentation, and data conversion. After this the actual implementation can take place. Minor changes are handled in the maintenance activity. The main activities are:



Release activities


Key deliverables are:

Production system

User documentation

Converted data

Project sign off

USoft does not offer an environment for delivering application versions, because deployment operations are extremely diverse depending on exactly what you are delivering and on what platform. The USoft environment does, however, comprise essential tools for testing and debugging, in particular USoft Benchmark, USoft Web Benchmark, and USoft Repository Manager. For details, please refer to the USoft Benchmark Guide, the USoft Web Benchmark Guide (in preparation), and the USoft Repository Manager Guide.

For the management and maintenance of prototype, test and debug data, the most frequently used tools today are in the XML Toolkit delivered as part of USoft Definer. For details, please refer to the sections on XML (especially on the XML internal component) in the USoft Model and Rules Guide.

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