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The Content tab of the Project Properties sheet in USoft Binder is used to add items to the USoft Binder file. Each item gives access to one of the following:

A USoft product, such as USoft Definer or USoft Authorizer.

The runtime user application that you are in the process of building.

A special utility, such as a user-defined script you want to start from the USoft Binder file or a batch jou you want to execute from the USoft Binder file.

You create a new item by performing these 2 steps:

1.First, you choose the type of item, for example, Authorizer or User Application.
2.Then, you set properties for that item.

Step 1: Choosing the type of item

To choose the type of item:

1.Press the Add button.
The Add USoft Project Items dialog is displayed.
2.Check the box next to the item type you want to create. You can create multiple items in one go by checking multiple boxes.
3.Press Add.


If you want to create multiple items of the same type, repeat Steps 1-3.

Instead of using the Project Properties sheet, you can also create items by choosing Item, New from the main menu.

Step 2: Setting properties for the item

To set properties for the new item (or to reset properties for an existing item):

1.On the Content tab of the Project Properties sheet, in the Items list view, select the item you want to set properties for.
2.Press the Properties button.
3.Set the required properties. Click on an item type below for more information on properties of that type:



Windows Designer

Web Designer



Repository Manager

User Application

Batch Runner

Rules Service

Application Timer

Free Object

4.Press the OK button until you are back in the main window, then press Save to save your work.


Instead of using the Project Properties sheet, you can also right mouse click on the item in the main window and then choose Properties.